July 3rd was a big day for Nellone. He had it all planned out that it was the night he was going to propose to his girlfriend. He made reservations and his custom reel that showed pictures of the couple, with the last 4 frames spelling out, "Will You Marry Me?"
Notice that he even set it up to be wearing the same clothes in the last frame of the reel and the night of.

marriage, proposal, wedding, viewfinder, unique, custom

We are lucky enough that Nellone shared these images with us. Step by step, she is looking at the viewer, then totally shocked by the last few frames. And there he is, holding out the ring, ready for her answer.

She Said Yes, marriage, proposal, viewfinder

AND...she said YES!

proposal, engagement, viewfinder, wedding, ring

Nellone even added that, "The day went great! She was very surprised and loved the image viewer. Thank you so much for helping me make this amazing step!"

We are proud to be part of such a great step for this couple! Congrats Nellone!

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