As a graphic design student looking for a unique way to showcase her portfolio, Stacy Fujitani landed on Image3D's website to build custom reels. Her reaction was, "Perfect!". At her senior class show, people raved about her custom project!
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In my final semester of college, studying Graphic Design at California University Long Beach, I was working on a personal project that was based on my own personal bucket list. (Items like: skydiving in Hawaii, riding elephants in Thailand, running a half marathon...etc)

After going through some initial ideas of creating a book to "show-off" my bucket list items that I had accomplished thus far, I wasn't satisfied or inspired by designing a stereotypical book for viewers to read through, and the project itself was beginning to take a turn towards a scrapbook -which is exactly what I didn't want.

During my research one day I came across your website and the idea of using the View-Master for my project couldn't have been more perfect! It allowed for me to showcase my accomplished bucket list items in a fun way as well as a fun/creatively different way for the viewer to view them as well.

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At my class' senior show in May, my View-Master was on display and I received so many compliments on the project and everyone had a good time viewing each of of my bucket list reels!

Seriously, what a fun way to show off your portfolio! I absolutely love the included brochure that has a special little slot for the reel. Very awesome Stacy!

Too see more pictures of her project, see Stacy's website-

We look forward to seeing more reels as Stacy checks off her bucket list!
What items are on your bucket list?