Another awesome idea has swept through the Image3D doors!
This year, Stony Point High School's yearbook adviser, Rebecca P., decided the yearbook offerings needed a little more pizazz. So, for a totally unique and completely customized add-on, students can purchase a Reel and Viewer to go with their yearbook!

The Reel highlighted many fun aspects of attending Stony Point high school, such as sports, assemblies, and drama club. Each frame had inspiring words to motivate students: "When life presents options, take control, decide to..." with words like, "interact," "join," "create," and more!

Yearbook Students with their Custom Reels and Viewers

Talk about a trip down memory lane! Not only because of the nostalgic aspect of the Viewer itself, but each year that goes on, the student can look back and remember high school through the Viewer and Reel. I have no doubt that students will remember these forever!

Fantastic idea Rebecca! Glad it turned out so great!