Sarah submitted her, "What's Inside Your Brain" submission with these words:
"Inside my brain you will find thoughts of my family, my best friend, my littlest friend, getting engaged, backpacking, being silly and of course.. Cotton candy!"

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Fun right?!
Now, it is your turn to help us narrow the 3 down to just 1.

If you like Sarah's submission best, please vote for her!

There are 4 ways to vote...

#1, The Blog

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#2, Facebook

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#3, Twitter

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#4 Pinterest

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There are 4 ways to vote and each vote counts (one vote per option, please)! So make sure to vote on all 4 pages and get your friends and family involved!

Voting will remain open through October 27th, 2013. Winner announced on October 28th!

Good luck! Can't wait to see who wins!