For my 26th birthday I bought myself a pair of Rollerblades! May sound crazy, but I love them!! So it made me think that this would be a good topic for Retro Wednesday!

Liz on Rollerblades

When I was younger, I used to Rollerblade whenever I had the chance. We lived in the country so there wasn't much pavement. But, I was able to utilize our small deck. The deck has a round table in the middle, so for hours I would roll around and around the table with my cassette player Walkman attached to my hip.

Thankfully now I live on a completely paved driveway and I even have a paved mile and a half walking trail behind my house. So, tell me, what 26 year old - Rollerblade loving - paved driveway livin' - person wouldn't want Rollerblades?! :-)

Do you have any fun Rollerblade memories? Or any retro toys? Like hula hoops, skip-it, LEGO, the list could go on for eternity!

Enjoy this fun commercial below. It's not actually for Rollerblades, but it shows a lot of blade-skills!
Now I guess I just need to get myself some Sunny-D!

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