The title of this post has a intended pun. Much like the way you hold hands at your wedding, same is true for the way that custom Reels fit perfectly for any part of a wedding. Whether it be a reel asking that special someone to marry you, sending out unique invitations, thinking of fun things for your guests to look at while waiting for dinner, or even a personalized gift for the wedding you are attending, we've got you covered! Plus, custom Reels at a wedding always get rave reviews!

Being March, it's almost that time when a mass of wedding bells will be ringing, a.k.a. WEDDING SEASON! Which means, if you are involved in a wedding this year, it is time to start planning. This year, fit Image3D into your wedding plans!

Below are some of our favorite wedding related reels. Click each reel to see more about it.
But, we've got more where that came from! Check out our entire section dedicated to matrimony on our website- Click here!

A Proposal Reel
This particular proposal was even caught on video! So romantic!
Wedding Proposal Reel

The Wedding Invites
These two shared their love story on their invite, including their pups!
A Love Story Wedding Invitation Reel

Wedding Gifts
This reel was a great gift to a couple to cherish for a lifetime.
Wedding Gift Reel

Wedding Favors
These two made their guests laugh with pictures of them as children to pass around.
Jen and Josh Wedding Favor Reel

A few more good ones we just have to share:

Nostalgic Wedding Invitations - Shamaine's Story

Popping the Question to Potential Bridesmaids with a Custom Reel (VIDEO)

She Said YES! Nellone's Proposal

Reaction Caught on Camera - A Custom Reel Gift on Her Wedding Day

If you want more fun ideas for your wedding, even beyond custom Reels, we've got an entire board dedicated to weddings on Pinterest.