It's prom season!
Get the dress, reserve the limo, and oh yeah...find a date! Dancers

Prom season has to be one of my favorite times of the year. Mainly for the fact that we get so many cute prom proposals on a custom reel! It makes me reminisce of my high school days!
How did your date pop the ultimate dance proposal?
Will You Go To Prom With Me?

There are lot's of cute prom proposals (I found out they actually call then Promposals!) on YouTube too! Check out this guy here who got the whole school involved.

Now for the ultimate party entrance...Did you get to ride in a limo? Or maybe borrow a vintage car from dear ol' grandpa?


What kind music was playing at your prom?

Another cool prom related reel we once had was from a high school that ordered them as the invites for their juniors and seniors. How fun is that! All the information about the dance was provided on the reel.

prom invite on a custom reel

I am pretty jealous about this invite! At our high school all they did was just tell us when it was. Did your school have a cool invitation?

Please tell us!! What are you favorite Prom memories?