When your beau pops the question and you happily answer, "yes," you should know, that it is not the last of the important questions!
Next, you have to creatively ask your potential wedding party if they are ready and willing to take on the big task!

The wedding party has an important job to do, and asking them should be just as important!
Customer Lindsey W., knows this first hand. Throughout her life, she knew that her sisters would be a part of her big day, but asking them in a unique way was the toughest part....that is, until she found our custom reels and viewers.

Lindsey says,
"I am the forth of four girls and my sisters and I made a promise to each other when we were younger that my oldest would be the 2nd oldest maid of honor, the 2nd oldest would the oldest maid of honor and the same went with the 3rd oldest and me. wedding, view finder, bridesmaids, unique
I've been searching and searching for creative ways to ask them to be my bridesmaids.
I headed back to Cincinnati for a week in August for a day of wedding dress shopping which consisted of all my sisters, my mom, my grandmother and my niece. (An entourage indeed!)
During the chaos of finding a wedding gown, trying on and everything else that comes with it, I handed my sisters their view finders asking them right there and then. I couldn't think of a better time to ask!
They all loved it! They were truly surprised, my sister A. started to cry after I turned off the camera, it was a beautiful moment."

And if Lindsey's words aren't enough, check out the video of her sisters looking at their custom reels for the first time...