PopCap Games, home of the world's best online free games, has a new game, Popcorn Dragon, debuting in the Spring 2012.

PopCap, described as a, "a whirlwind of smile-inducing awesomeness" needed the most unique way to showcase their new game to keep up with their fun nature as a company. So, they turned to Image3D to create a custom reel and viewer.

PopCap Set

Once people starting receiving the game teaser viewers, the rave reviews starting flying. Practically all the reviews mentioned how the viewer brought back memories from their childhood.

PopCap mixed this new game launch with a holiday reel that brought cheer to every person who received it. As one man said, "PopCap sends us something that we actually like. This is easily the best Christmas present we've had so far." (See Matt Cundy's entire review on Gamesradar)

PopCap Image

See more of PopCap's client reviews (they have a lot of fun pictures too):