What does Valentine’s Day look like? All the couples are romantic, sappy, and sentimental.... But who needs someone else when you have a best friend like you do? If you’re looking for a great present for your annual “Valentine’s Day for friends” celebration, we’ve got you covered.

They’ll Toe-tally Love These Socks

If your best friend is truly your best friend, they’ll be the ones to eat boxes of Vday chocolates and binge watch Netflix with you. These “If you can read this, please bring me wine” socks will set the tone for the day with your partner in crime. This may be one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for friends you could have.
This Case is Gem-uinely Awesome

Nothing says, “You rock” like this gemstone phone case from Nordstrom. It’s stylish and classy, yet completely realistic and durable. (Because we know they can be a bit of a klutz sometimes)

A Tribute to Your Glory Days

Our RetroViewer is a combination of a scrapbook and utter nostalgia. Customize your own personal reel to remember all the good times you’ve had with your best friend and nail your Valentine’s Day presents this year.

Choosing one of these three Vday gifts will make you go down in history as the best friend someone could ever have. Say “Happy Valentine’s Day, best friend,” and enjoy your day with the person you want to spend it with most.