"I recently came across a targeted ad for RetroViewer on Instagram at 2 a.m., and I'm so glad I did! I'd been stressing about how to propose to my girlfriend and couldn't think of anything creative. This was the perfect answer!

The process of designing, ordering, and receiving the product was so smooth and flawless. When the RetroViewer was delivered, I was anxiously waiting at the mailbox. There was no disappointment whatsoever! This product exceeded all expectations. I'm terrible at keeping surprises, so I had to show off this gem to several of my co-workers, friends, and family (the ones I trust to keep a secret anyway). They loved it as much as I did. I even got a, "If your girlfriend doesn't say yes to this, I will!"

The day finally came when my plan would come to fruition - March 1, my birthday. We were in Louisville, Kentucky, for a weekend get-away with her best friend from high school and our pup. The friend was in on the plan and approached me with a "birthday gift." As I opened the box, I played it off as to how surprised and impressed I was with the beautiful gift! I went on and on about it (as I would have if I were actually surprised) and then passed it along to my girlfriend to see. As she was clicking through the RetroViewer, which displayed photos from each of our five years together thus far, I pulled out the engagement ring, got down on both knees (I'm a little extra, I guess), and waited for her to arrive at the last slide, which read, "3-1-2020 / Amanda, Will you marry me? - Paige."

She slowly lowered the viewer from her face and stared at me with eyes wide. I think I got a yes! I really can't remember because there were so many thoughts running through each of our heads, but she proudly wears the ring now and we have a wonderful treasure by which to remember the moment - our RetroViewer. When the overwhelming excitement started to settle, Amanda ended up telling me that she was honestly a little offended that her best friend would get me such a creative, thoughtful, and personalized gift - haha!

Attached are some photos from this experience. Our corgi, Rosie, was equally excited and is ready to be a flowergirl in our wedding. 😁

Thank you for creating such a fantastic product!"

Surprise Proposal Ends in a Happy Engagement

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