Stories are most vividly told in pictures, and every year has its share of unforgettable images. This past year of 2016 was no exception. It was a very strange year by any standard, and this is reflected in some of the images captured.

From photography competition worthy entries to photo round up compilations, the following are some of the top photography examples we saw in 2016:

timeTIME Magazine’s 100 Top Photos of 2016

The weekly magazine assembled a veritable photo journal for the year for 2016, covering key events all around the world. From the world crisis to politics to noteworthy innovations, the TIME list of 100 could win just about any photography competition.




national-geographicNational Geographic's Best Photos of 2016

Few outlets do nature photography better than National Geographic, and no photo round up list would be complete without an entry from them. This year’s 52 top National Geographic images of 2016 were curated by 91 of the world’s top photographers from a staggering 2,290,225 photographs.


buzzfeedBuzzfeed's Photo Roundup of the Most Amazing Science Photos of 2016

Buzzfeed is known for its shareworthy roundups of social media news and Internet entertainment. For 2016’s end, they put together an extremely compelling photo round up of some of the best science photos of the year. From compelling creatures to otherworldly landscapes to extreme closeups, this list is sure to amaze.



The Guardian's Photo Roundup for 2016

For coverage ranging from politics to human achievement to world disasters, you can find it all on this year’s The Guardian photo roundup. Some of the images are tough to look at, but they effectively portray the gamut of emotions we all experienced this past year.


A photo round up is one of the most compelling ways to reflect back on a year of life. These photos from 2016 are sure to stick with you.

What are your favorite photo collections?