We are proud that our RetroViewer has been the forefront of many wonderful love stories. From proposals, to special anniversaries, and even prom, we love that our RetroViewer can be part of so many sweet memories.

Couples use custom reels to share their love


"I sent one reel and viewer to my girlfriends family in Poland to show them that their daughter has found true love here in America. We've been dating now for almost 3 years and soon to be engaged. I can not communicate verbally with them via Skype because I haven't learned enough of the Polish language yet to converse. But thanks to Image3D, I was able to convey my sentiment without using words. With Image3D I was able to cross that communication barrier with images alone. I've made two reels so far and working on another. THANKS Image3D for helping me to cement our relationship in the eyes of those across the sea in Eastern Europe" - Ty



"Just a few months ago (during Prom season) a friend of mine was asked to prom. She said yes but as Prom began to approach, my friends date canceled on her. :(  Myself and a couple of my other girlfriends felt so terrible for her. So we all chipped in money to buy her one of these reels. The pictures included pictures of all of us girlfriends together and at the end it asked if she’d go to prom with us. It was really cool and it moved her to tears." - Brookelyn



"I knew I wanted to propose in a special way, so I had ordered a customized RetroViewer the week before our trip to Amsterdam. All seven pictures I selected for my reel, were pictures of her. On each picture I wrote a sentence about why I love her.

Amanda's proposal with a custom RetroViewer on the Magere Brug in AmsterdamOn the day of the proposal we walked all over Amsterdam. When we got to the Magere Brug (skinny bridge) above the Amstel River, I told her that I had brought a gift for her. We stopped in the middle of the bridge and I pulled out the Retro Viewer from my purse. She laughed and said she hadn't seen a view master in years. Once she started looking through it, she was shocked to see pictures of herself. She loved it! After she looked through the Retro Viewer, I gave her a small wooden box with an accordion photo album with pictures of the last 4 years of our relationship. That's when she started crying and when I got on my knee with her ring. She said Yes!

I couldn't have asked for a better proposal. We are a fun loving couple from San Francisco and it was great to have implemented this product in my proposal to throw in some laughs and silliness into such an emotional moment. When we tell our engagement story to our friends and family, they all love to look through it." - Amanda



"My name is Ariana and i recently purchased a RetroViewer and 2 reels to send to my boyfriend who is currently deployed with the us navy. On the aircraft carrier he really doesn't have much room for anything so i usually send him food to snack on when he can't make it to meals due to his work schedule. But June 14th was his birthday and i wanted to send him a present on the boat; i came across these custom RetroViewers and knowing how big of nerds my boyfriend, Taylor, and i are i thought it would be a great idea to compile some of his favorite pictures of me/us along with some new ones of what he has missed over the pass few months. We both get a kick out of "old" toys that we played with as kids and putting our own pictures in it was perfect. He says he looks at our pictures every night before he goes to bed. And we are considering making more reels with more viewers to have at our wedding to put out on table with pictures of us as kids and of us throughout our relationship. He says having pictures of me to look at makes he feel a little better since he can't see me and can very seldom call to hear my voice. :) i will be continuing making different reels to send him in packages so he can continue to see me." - Ariana



Matthew proposes with a RetroViewer

"I used your amazing product to propose to my wife. I ordered 4 custom reels of our dating relationship and the very last picture said "will you marry me?" Of course she said yes! I've continued making custom reels - every Valentine's Day I make a reel of the past year for my wife. I love your product and will continue to use it every year!" - Matthew 



I don't know about you, but I am inspired to let my loved ones know how special they are to me!

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