Whether your are a big business mogul, software company, manufacturing plant, or mom 'n pop shop, there is a custom Reel for every one! In fact, it's completely customizable, so the ideas are endless (see some great ones at the end)!

But with 19 years of history, there is 1 type of Reel that stands out from the rest....the product promotion!
Clearly, a customized reel and viewer is a unique way to highlight your new product or upcoming event. With insta-smiles and flashbacks to childhood happiness, potential customers are sure to never forget you.

Take these for example...

Runways will never be the same again with a fashion line on a custom Reel

Custom Fashion Reel

Custom Fashion Reel

Helsinki promoted their city with an entire display encouraging natives to rediscover their city. (see more about this awesome promotion here)

HelsinkiTagged! exhibition

Those awesome Adidas that we all used to wear (and still do!) were brought to life with a customized promotional Reel

Adidas Viewer with Custom Tag

Adidas Custom Reel

In addition to promoting a product, creating excitement about an upcoming product is easy to do with a custom Reel. Seeing the viewer is already an instant smile-maker...so you're already getting super bonus points right off the bat. Then, throw in your reel all about the new, upcoming :fill in the blank: (event, product, etc.).

Scary movie meet scary customization! The movie The Forest enticed patrons with scary-cool custom reels with photos of the recipients on the Reel

TheForestIsReal Promo Reel and Viewer Set

Not just for products! Eurocentrum Office Complex used their Reel as a way to showcase their new building at a grand opening party

Eurocentrum Office Complex Reel made by Grupa Capital Park

Eurocentrum Office Complex Reel Given out at Opening Party

Eurocentrum Office Complex Reel Being Seen at Opening Party

Yahoo! went all out with this customized set introducing Men's Slate...popcorn and everything!!

Yahoo! Custom Box Set

Yahoo! Reel by Image3D

Of course, product and even promotion is only the top of the iceberg when it comes to content on a custom Reel. You name it, we've done it.

-Employee incentive Reels (some people get to go to cool places!!)
-Boring PowerPoint turned Awesome Reel
-A flashback on company history, anniversaries, & milestones (perfect for company parties!)
-Gifts to sport event high rollers and charity donors
-Menu Reels with in-your-face 3D food photography
-Yearly company updates for investors and employees
-Tourist destination highlights

Get your creative juices flowing and watch our commercial below!