Whether you attack your stocking the first thing Christmas morning or the last thing Christmas Eve, it tends to set the tone for the whole gift-giving day. You may have had your gift list planned, checked it twice, and crossed off weeks ago, but putting together a creative stocking stuffer can be a bit more of challenge. They need to be fun, inexpensive and personal.

If you’re looking for an original, personalized gift “from Santa” that will fit into a stocking, the RetroViewer should be on your list. RetroViewer puts a fresh spin on classic fun. It’s a slide reel of your special person’s most meaningful and memorable photos -- birthdays, graduations, vacations or just a beautiful everyday moment captured on film.

Just slip in the reel of custom-created photos and press the lever on the side. Each time you press the lever, a different brilliant, color image with 3D text if you want will appear. Your reel can include a personal note that’s fun and touches the heart. It’s the ultimate DIY stocking stuffer.


How This Stocking Stuffer Works

Ordering your personalized reel is easy. It is all done online. First, choose seven photos to put on your reel. Add your own personalized images from the past (childhood pictures are always a favorite!) If you like, you can edit and crop images. Add a funny phrase or affectionate message to any or all of your photos (any text you add with our text tool will be in 3D). Choose the order in which you want photos to appear -- first, last and so on, or leave them in random order.

If you have more than seven favorite photos, you can build multiple reels and tie them with a bow for your creative stocking stuffer. You’ll be able to preview your reel and make sure it is exactly what you want before you buy. If you want to change anything, just click edit. Once you have placed your order, your RetroViewer and reel will ship in 5 business days. RetroViewer is the perfect way to store and show memories.

This is one gift that brings happiness over and over again throughout the year. It never grows old. It’s unique, personal and very special. Order your reel today!

Please note that to help ensure your DIY stocking stuffer is delivered by Christmas, please order before December 10. You can also order a one-of-a-kind festive “Merry Christmas” viewer this year!