How do you remember your special moments and wedding day in a fun and unique way? With a custom RetroViewer of course! Use it to capture all those memories before and after the big day. Maybe, it will turn into a new family tradition, just like it has for Robin and her family.

Robin told us,

"We’ve started a new family tradition! My 22 year old son just got married but a great gift for his fiancé for Christmas was to give her a Retroviewer (like ours) with their engagement photos as their first slide. It was so exciting to buy one from their wedding day so both of us can add it to our collection. We only do our most special occasions and wonderful memories.

Our daughter is getting married and I’m looking forward to starting her new family with a Retroviewer and including their engagements pics as well.

Now, only 3 more kids to go!

A custom reel to remember your wedding day

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