Clean Your Room Day
Here is a good way to get your kids to clean their room...tell them it's "Clean Up Your Room Day!"
Or maybe you are a little behind on Spring Cleaning? Here is the day to get motivated! (For a fun little history on where Spring Cleaning comes from, click here)

Remember back in the day when cleaning your room actually meant having more of an adventure than anything? You found the toys you forgot about and created new imaginative story-lands.

What cool things did you have in your room growing up?
Did you have a standing army of G.I. Joes? OR maybe you used Cabbage Patch kids as your theater audience.
Did you have tea parties with Pillow People? OR maybe you build entire cities of LEGOs and Lincoln Logs.
Did Lite-Brite and Simon fill your room with colors?

My dad made me a beautifully crafted toy box. But, I mostly remember the toys being out of it more than they were in it!

And isn't it funny how sometimes it's the simplest "toys" that are the most fun. For instance, laying blankets over top of chairs and creating a fort was by far one of my favorite things to do. This happened a lot when "cleaning" my room!

Well, we hope that we have created at least a little inspiration for your cleaning escapades today! When you find something fun, be sure to tell us about it!

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