Today is National Boss's Day!
So, we will take this opportunity to introduce you to and talk about Rich Dubnow, the boss, and owner of Image3D!

Richard Dubnow, Rich Dubnow, Dubow, Image3D

In 1997, Rich founded Image3D. Since then, it's grown from a kitchen table operation to a state-of-the-art facility producing custom-made 3D experiences for everyone! Now, he has 8 full-time employees and is transitioning to enjoying "semi-retired" life.

Fun facts about Rich:

*he has 3 Border Collies named Bailey, Maggie, and Kelsey
*one of his favorite hobbies is rendezvous with his "black powder" buddies and shooting his cannon
*you rarely see Rich without his awesome cowboy hat
*he used to work for View-Master! click here to read more about it
*he grew up in sunny California

Read Rich's post about where he lives and where our shop is located- Image3D, Stewards of the Land