National Bike Month

Did you know that May is National Bicycle Month?

Bombay Bicycle Club

Well it is! And we're proud to be living in a region that is very supportive of bicyclists (Portland, of course!). Do you bike to work/school/everywhere?
I love riding my bike! I do it mostly for enjoyment and am lucky that I live right by a neighborhood paved trail!

I remember first learning to ride a bike. Training wheels were easy. But my dad was the kind of guy that, once he took the training wheels off, would just push ya and sent you on your way. "That's how you learn!" he would say. Although it was difficult at first, I did pick it up rather quickly. What kind of fun bicycle memories do you have?

Adding to the festivities, the week of May 13 - 17th is "Bike to Work Week", with "Bike to Work Day" landing on Friday the 17th. To Celebrate, let's do a contest!

Send us your bike related pictures for a chance to win 1 free Celebrate set! We need the pictures by Thursday, May 16th...Winner will be chosen by the Image3D staff on Friday, May 17th (Bike to Work Day)!
You can send your pictures via email to [email protected], Facebook (preferred method so everyone can see your cool pics!), or Twitter.

National Bike Month Giveaway

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