It's always fun looking back on the fun you had as a child. Many memories include interactions with siblings and favorite toys. For Tom and his family, that was the ever popular viewer and reel.

When Tom learned that he could now make his own reel, he knew his sister's birthday present was going to be a hit!

Tom told us all about his experience and his sister's reaction:

Happy Birthday!
"When my brother, sister and I were children in the 1950s, the Sawyer ViewMaster provided us with many hours of entertainment and allowed us to travel around the world without ever leaving our living room and also experience children's stories in 3D. We even had a Viewmaster projector as well as the bakelite viewer with detachable light source. I was intrigued to learn that we are now able to create our own reels, and I decided to generate one for my sister's birthday. The only difficult part was deciding which photos would make the cut, but I finally narrowed it down to 7 shots ranging from when she was a baby in my mother's arms to a wedding celebration that occurred just last year over 60 years later. My sister was blown away by the viewer and the memories it evoked. While I was at it, I made a custom reel for my nephew and his wife - his reaction was simple: "Oh My God!" (approx) 7 times. Thank you for making this great product available!"

What a great look back on memories and awesome way to bring them to life! In addition to sharing them with the nephew for a new generation of viewer lovers! Add this year's birthday to the record book of memories, Tom!

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