When trying to decide on a gift for her son's 1st wedding anniversary, Sandi D. found Image3D's custom reels. It was such a hit, that she is now making it a tradition to highlight their year, each and every year on a reel.
Here is Sandi's story:

"My son, 33 years old, finally found the girl of his dreams. She was the perfect match for him and our family. I found out about the Image3D through the internet when searching for a great 1 year anniversary gift for them. It was a story of his proposal (plane flying overhead at the beach with banner asking her to marry him), their announcement party, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, etc.

custom, viewfinder, wedding, proposal, anniversary

It was the perfect gift and they were amazed. I have decided to make this a tradition each year for the anniversary. I have until May 2014 to get the second reel produced. That will include the building of their new home, moving into the home and perhaps (fingers crossed) the announcement of a little one on the way."

What a fun idea! I can't wait to see what route their life takes this coming year!
And, FYI Sandi- I have my fingers crossed that you get a new little addition to your family!