Leave a lasting impression with a 3D viewer and reel

We are proud to be located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Here's a Portland fun fact: Our city was named on a coin toss with Portland being the winner, but we could have been Boston, Oregon if the coin fell the other way.
What an impression that single event has made on our history! I think the same can be said for the toys of the past. How many people remember their childhood reels and viewers? I'd say a good chance that almost every one does. If you use a custom reel and viewer for your marketing needs, chances are you would be a memorable mark on all those potential customers as well.
And speaking of history and memories, what was your favorite reel from the past? Our general manager, Ramona, argues that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer reels were the best. What's your pick? Feel free to comment below, we'd love to know!
PS- Oregon is also the birth place of the original View-Master. Click here to watch a short PBS special on the toy's history, 3D photography and the coming of our company, Image3D.