An entire week in the sunny month of August was spent exploring the depth of the 3D world from the other side of the globe.

I went from my small farm in Oregon to the gorgeous coastal town of Egmond aan Zee in the Netherlands for the International Stereoscopic Union’s 18th World Congress. The event brought attendees from around the world representing 38 different countries. We discussed and displayed everything about 3D imaging from book publishing to wall posters. I was also able to show the 3D film my good friend Phyllis and I made.

[caption id="attachment_130" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Pals showing off their 3D cameras"]ISU World Congress[/caption]

The highlight of the event was the three days of theater projection. 3D programs ranging from fun trips to the recent devastation in Japan were shown on a silver screen large enough to see from anywhere in the room.

The best part of the trip however, was being able to see all of my personal friends, whom I only get to see maybe every other year.

Now I am gearing up for the next conference, The Motivation Show in Chicago, IL.