When you order a "Reel and Viewer Set" on the Image3D's RetroViewer website, you get 1 reel, 1 viewer, and 1 white box.

Happy Holidays, Christmas card, vintage, retro, unique Christmas

The technical name for the white box is a Hand Out Box.

Many customers order sets as invitations (wedding, party, etc) or announcements (baby, Christmas cards, etc) and even mailers for their businesses.
A lot of customers inquire about whether or not the hand out box is sturdy enough for mailing. The answer is YES! There is no need to purchase an outer mailing box to ship your custom reel and viewer set to your recipients.

Let me explain...
The hand out box is made of a thin cardboard with a flap lid. Therefore you will need to seal the lid closed in order to send it. Address labels and stamps can be applied directly to the box. And, since the weight is under 1 pound, you can mail via the cheapest USPS method- First Class (in the USA).

Some customers still choose to put it in an outer mailing box, and that it definitely understandable. But, just know, we send all of our samples out directly in the hand out box and have never received a complaint or feedback regarding damage. Good to know, right?!

*(Of course, when we mail it to you, it is in an outer mailing box. So it is perfect and pretty when you first see it!)

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