Let's take a trip down memory lane...back to when you were sitting in your room as a child, flipping through an old View-Master reel or Yosemite or Yellowstone.

If you think about that reel, you will remember that View-Master reels were made of paper, with little slots to add film slides.

Transport yourself to now and our RetroViewer reels are made completely of film.

Technology is awesome and allows us to print your reel on a single slide, rather than gluing 14 little pieces into a paper housing. They are more durable, less flimsy and allows us to fulfill all your orders in short production times.

Why I am telling you this?
Because many people will ask if they can get a white reel, like their old View-Master reel. The straight answer is, unfortunately, no. Simply because with our transparent film reels, it wouldn't actually look white, it would be transparent.

Also, keep in mind that if you want to add white to your center image, remember it will really look more clear, rather than be a solid white.

Hope that makes sense!

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