Image3D Retail Gift Sets are high-margin souvenirs that will be an immediate best-seller in your gift shop because they have the irresistible charm of the 3-D toys everyone played with as children.

Don’t finalize your purchasing decisions for summer inventory until you look at View-Master style 3-D reels and viewers featuring commemorative photos of your exhibits and museum.

Retail Gift Set

The gift sets include:

  • Custom 3-D reels featuring images and center artwork selected by your team with 3-D effects added by our graphic design team.
  • Branded 3-D viewers with your museum’s name or logo imprinted on the front.
  • Custom-printed packaging with custom imagery and design that matches your museum’s branding.
  • Attractive suggested retail pricing that will make it popular with visitors and profitable for your bottom line.

  • Oregon Parks Reels

    For more details about Image3D Retail Gift Sets, click for a product sheet, visit or call 503-632-2470.

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