It's true, Image3D likes to be on the tube. But who doesn't? Everyone is always looking for a way to get that 15 minutes of fame! Well for us, that 15 minutes has definitely been achieved!

Below are all of the clips that we have been included in thus far in TV land. If it was just a little comment about us, I put the time in parenthesis that we appear.

First and foremost, back in 2009, we were on a local news channel for the "On The Go with Joe" segment. A reporter came out, hung out with employees and learned all about creating a custom reel!

Next, our product was showcased on a San Antonio Morning show segment about "Gifts Granny Would Love." The lead anchor even said the custom reel and viewer was her favorite! :-) (this timer counts down, our part starts when there is 1:54 left)

Then, we were featured on a Today Show segment all about "Summer Sleepaway Camp Essentials for Kids" as a way to keep kids close to home with pictures of family and friends. What a cool idea! (see Summer Camp Care Package for more ideas) (we are shown at 2:44)

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For Father's Day this year, we received a quick showing on San Diego Fox 5's segment about great Father's Day gifts (starts at 2:03)-

Last but not least, and best of all, we were on the Science Channel show, How It's Made. This was such a fun and interesting experience. The crew that filmed was here for just shy of 12 hours.

I wonder what sort of fun T.V. adventures the future holds for Image3D? Now if only they ever make that View-Master movie....

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