Image3D is moving to the big city!

That’s right, we have officially outgrown our facility. Good news for us, as business continues to boom in the custom reel and viewer industry :-)

Image3D, Custom, Viewfinder, Warehouse

For the last 10 years, Image3D has been located out in the country on Image3D owner, Rich Dubnow’s, property. We have been surrounded by trees, ponds, and the occasional deer. But, in just a couple months, we will be moving to Milwaukie, OR, a suburb of Portland, OR. The facility is over twice the size as our place now, complete with more offices as we continue to grow.

We have received the keys to our new location and plan on making some changes before the “big move.” Goal for settling in is September.

We are definitely excited and the future continues to look bright for Image3D!