Falling in love is such a blessing. And when you fall in love you want to shout it on the rooftop to everyone who will hear it! You especially want to let your love's family know your bliss and good intentions.
For Ty, this was a little harder than normal. His girlfriends family lives in Poland and he doesn't speak any Polish. So, he decided to communicate with pictures and made a custom Reel!

Ty tells us his story:

"I sent one reel and viewer to my girlfriends family in Poland to show them that their daughter has found true love here in America. We've been dating now for almost 3 years and soon to be engaged. I can not communicate verbally with them via Skype because I haven't learned enough of the Polish language yet to converse. But thanks to Image3D, I was able to convey my sentiment without using words. With Image3D I was able to cross that communication barrier with images alone. I've made two reels so far and working on another. THANKS Image3D for helping me to cement our relationship in the eyes of those across the sea in Eastern Europe"

What a great story!
A big congratulations to Ty and Gosia. We are happy that we could be apart of your evolving love story :-)

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