This October brings a lot of advertising for Image3D, especially in just the first week! While Rich and Samra are in Chicago, I will be preparing for a much smaller, but just as great trade show here in Oregon.
Newport, Oregon

I will be attending the Illuminate Our Heritage conference in the coastal town of Newport, Oregon. I am especially excited about this show because it is representing some of the best state parks around Oregon.
[caption id="attachment_312" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Image3D Gift Set"]Image3D Gift Set[/caption]

I think it will be very cool to see our products, which are 100% assembled in Oregon and 100% made in the USA, in gift shops around our state. Thankfully, some of our employees at Image3D are hobbyist photographers, so we will be able to take samples of gift sets, created by our own staff, that display scenic points and state parks throughout Oregon as examples.

I have grown up in Oregon my entire life and the outdoors is something I am very passionate about. So sending me to this show is a match made in heaven!