Have you been able to evoke the brightest smile ever from your friend?

Well, Daniela has! And, it all happened with our RetroViewer!

Here is Daniela's story:

"I have a special girl in my life, I consider her my little sister (even we're not related) and we have a beautiful friendship. We've been through a lot of things, travel together, went to concerts, clubs, bars, museums, the beach, parties, weddings, etc. She's moving to Paris next month (september 14), so I decided to concentrate the most valuable moments I kept on photographs and made two reels of your product. Well, also I have to say that she was looking for a view master at an antique store, but were very expensive and not that cool.

I gave it to her last weekend and when she saw it first, she thought It was one of the antique store, but when she saw our pictures, oh my God, her smile was the brightest I have ever seen. She was really, really happy, I can't describe how amazing I felt when I saw her in that way. Was a priceless moment.

Now, we're thinking order more for the family and friends, before she moves to Paris.

Thank you so much. I made my lil sister very happy and by that, I was happier."

Daniela P makes a custom retroviewer reel for her little sister

Daniela Pacheco image3

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