Valentine's Day is a special day that pops up every year, seemingly at the last minute after the holidays are wrapping up.  Having lived through a few Valentine’s day's myself, I have some ideas for the guys out there that are hoping to make a special year this year for their loved one!

Whether you're dating and want to create a special moment that will keep the spark firing, or married and want to rekindle some of that romance from yesteryear, creating an experience that will be remembered is the key.  The last thing that you want to do is wait till the last minute - and depending on when you're reading this blog post, you may be scrambling for a great gift idea - worry not - we have you covered.

Be Unique - someone loves you because you are who you are and you're unique.  That's the great part about you and the person that you love - you have things in common that you share and you have unique aspects about your life that you can draw on to find a perfect gift idea.  Let’s be honest, giving your girlfriend or wife something from Bed Bath & Beyond is sooooo High School.  Take note of the things that she loves around the house, or the things that she shows you on Pinterest - or better yet, ask one of her friends what she's been talking about in the past month or two.

Be Thoughtful - Some Valentine's Day gifts are a dime a dozen and that don't really show much thought went into the idea.  Take some time to think about ideas that are going to be special and thoughtful.

Be Surprising - It's always nice to receive a surprise, but it's even better when you are really surprised with something that you would have never thought of, but it's still something that makes your heat jump!

This Valentine's day, make some time to create a special present for your special someone that is unique, thoughtful and surprising.  Keeping it simple but thoughtful goes a long way and you will create smiles this Valentine’s day.