As if changing your lifestyle for the better and going on an epic hiking journey to the Grand Canyon wasn't rewarding enough, Life Health Guide, Tracy A., rewarded her most successful members with the gift of a custom reel recapping their journey.

A few years and 6 more reels later, clearly the custom reel is Tracy's go-to awesome gift!

Here is what Tracy had to say about the Grand Canyon reel:

"As a Life Health Guide, I have the opportunity to work with some amazing people. In one of my group classes, which is a 1 year class, the biggest successes get the opportunity to join me in an epic adventure. One of my most successful members wanted to join me in a North Rim hike into the Grand Canyon.

We went and spent 6 days in the Canyon, playing and healing our spirits.

At the end, I presented a gift of a viewer and reel of their trip to them at our awards ceremony celebrating all of the successes.

They tell me often how they bring the viewer back out to relive the experience and remind themselves that nothing is impossible."

Hiking the Grand Canyon on a Custom Reel

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