After a two-week trip to France, Donna surprised her sister with a custom Image3D reel as a keepsake from their travels. Her sister's reaction? Speechless!

Read Donna's story....

Notre Dame
"My sister and I went on a 1 week trip to Paris France, followed by a 10 day river cruise to Arles France. This trip, we think of as our Once In A Life Time Adventure. We are both in mid 60's and want to enjoy life. Creating the 3D reel was supper fun. My sister was speechless. It was hard to pick only 7 pictures out of over 200, but I did it and it was worth the effort to see her face. She takes the viewer with her everywhere and I think half of San Diego has seen the pictures."

We are glad that our product could bring such joy and memories of your wonderful vacation Donna!