Get ready to hide under your bed! Today's Favorite Friday contains Monsters!

The reel is brought to us by Alex Mitchell. She has an entire website dedicated to her art, which includes mostly monsters and other mixed media sculptures and paintings. Check out her website here!

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Favorite Friday 9-21-12

The custom reel even has an accompanying video!

What a fun reel!

After Alex received it she even sent us a nice email saying, "I am very pleased with the customer service and the product provided by Image3D. When I had questions about how to use the software, I got very helpful responses. When it came time to create my reel the whole process was very straightforward. As an artist, I have been looking for an original way to present my artwork, and this is it!"

She is now going to try her hand at making 3D images to use with our 3D Stereo website!