Today marks the first day of summer! So, HAPPY SUMMER!!!
What better way to celebrate summer and Favorite Friday than with a reel that captures nostalgia and summer time fun!?

For me, summer means hot rod season (yes, I am into that sort of thing, aren't you!?!!). My husband and I own a vintage car and have a pair of vintage motorcycles as well (we are even in a vintage car club, wow, I am surrounded by it!). So, picking this reel for Favorite Friday was a no brainer! :-)

This reel comes to us from Kami V. It is a reel she created as a gift for her brother and father.

What car is your favorite? I'm voting for the 50' Ford Coupe, but they are all awesome!
Hot Rod Reel (6-21-13)

Oh and of course feel free to ask me about my hot rods because I would be glad to tell you! haha