Happy favorite Friday 2-8-13!

It is almost Valentine's Day! Are you ready!?

Everyone remembers Valentine's Day as a kid. We got those little paper cards, maybe some suckers or candy if you were lucky, and signed one for every kid in the class. But did you ever get the Teacher a Valentine?

This year, 4th grade teacher Mrs. Mclean is one lucky lady! She is receiving an Image3D custom reel and viewer from the only boy in her class...what a ham! This is so cute!

Add this to the arsenal of cute teacher gifts!


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Favorite Friday 2-8-13


Bobbi sent us this very nice post via Facebook regarding her reel:
I wanted to take the time to post the results of the Valentines Day gift from my son's 4th grade class. Mrs. McLean absolutely loved her viewfinder with the reel of the children!! This unique idea was a huge hit and she now has a special way to look back on her adorable and sweet class of 2013! Thank you so much for your help. My son had a huge smile on his face because he knew she was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to get such a special gift. You guys rock!