Welcome to the last Favorite Friday of February! I definitely picked a winner this week (literally!)

San Antonio relator Jane Bash, came up with an idea to ask kids, "what does home look like" and also what they loved most about their homes. It transpired into an art contest named, "I Love Our Home." There were tons of entries, and these 7 shined through as the winners in each age category. Unbeknownst to them, in addition to a cash prize, part of their winnings is this custom reel. Jane is so excited that she is also going to use this reel to show future clients with the notion that, "Now families can see through the eyes of local children what 'home' looks like in our area."

What a fun idea!!

kids, art, drawings, home, viewfinder

A few closeup images of some of the pictures:
art, kids, children, home, viewfnder, reel
Here is the fun promotional video that was made to announce the contest: