Let's go to the theater for today's Favorite Friday! On the stage, we have FLAMES a musical thriller by Stephen Dolginoff.

"One year ago, Edmond died in a horrible fire. He took with him the dreams of his fiancée, Meredith, the trust of his best friend, Eric, and the answers to the burning questions that still linger about his death and the terrible crime he committed. But on a stormy night at the cemetery where he rests, the secrets from his past will finally refuse to stay buried; and those he left behind will finally refuse to stay silent."

Photos are from the original production at the Lamb Regional Arts Theatre in Sioux City, Iowa.

FLAMES, Musical, Thriller, Theater, Viewfinder

Looks like an awesome production!

This is the 3rd time Stephen has purchased custom viewfinders of FLAMES. He says, "I LOVE LOVE LOVE your products. Everyone FLIPPED over the custom view-finder!"

If you are interested, the production is available for licensing at www.samuelfrench.com