It's great to hear a wonderful story from a customer. One that makes you smile and so happy that you can be a part of a lifelong memory. How can it possibly get any better? Seeing the video to go along with it!

This year, for Father's Day, Lisa M. gave a RetroViewer to her dad.

This is what she had to say...

While thinking and looking for a great fathers day gift I came across Retro Viewer. I could not believe that I could create my own View Master. My Father and I both share a love for View Masters and would sit down for hours looking through them. I was so excited that I could add a personal reel to my dads collection. Fathers Day is finally here and I cannot wait to give my Father the best present I have ever given him. His reaction of joy and happiness brought me to tears. Once he noticed that the reel was pictures of us he could not contain his excitement. I have only seen my father cry a couple of times in my life but on this day he shed a tear of surprise and happiness. He was having a tough year and just to see him so happy was an amazing feeling. Thanks to retro viewer I was able to take something my Dad and I did when I was little into a beautiful personal gift that will be cherished forever. I do not think I will ever be able to top this gift!

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