How fun it is to have a gift ready to go for a specific holiday, but are unable to contain your excitement for it and give it early. Even better, when the reaction is grander than you could have ever expected.

Kim told us:

"I ordered one for my son to celebrate the birth of his daughter, Ripley. I originally was going to give it to him for his first fathers day but I just could not wait.

I was so surprised just at how much he loved it. He ordinarily is not one to shed a tear at gifts, but I must say he did have a little tear!

I am so pleased with the way this one turned out, I just might get one for my daughter in law.

Thanks for making such a sweet way to celebrate the birth of my 1st grand daughter. I do plan on making more reels as Ripley grows up.

Dad will love seeing pics of him and his kids inside a RetroViewer

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