After a fun family reunion trip to Disneyland, Lisa got the great idea to recapture the memory for her 2 young nieces on a custom reel!

The result? An awesome Christmas present and a new addiction to making custom reels.

This is what Lisa had to say:

"My family went home for Christmas (Chicago) for the first time in 17 years. I ordered a couple of viewers for two of my nieces (18 mos & 4yrs.) who were recently visiting us on a Disney trip. The four year old was so excited to see her viewer with the Disney photos because she had the best vacation and first visit to Disney. She talks about it every day! I did collages so I was able to fit quite a few photos on her reel.

To think that back when I was a kid, I enjoyed looking at a reel of still photos of Barbie, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, etc. How boring! The custom viewer/reel is the only way to go!"

Disneyland Revisited on a Custom Reel

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