One common question we receive through our RetroViewer program is can they get a customized viewer. Unfortunately, the minimum order for custom viewers is 26. Which means, orders of 1 or 2 don't make the cut.

But that's OK! You can actually get more creative with your viewer once you receive it in the mail.

The options are endless!
Stickers, paint pens, glitter, puff paint, etc.

Here are some ideas we've seen:


Glitter is a great way to make your viewer really sparkle!
Glitter Viewers

Glitter Viewers


This kid uses a marker to personalize his viewer with his name.

You could also use paint pens to draw fun designs or words on your viewer.
Brodie's Custom Viewer


Not only did they sticker the front of the viewer, but the advance lever has a custom round sticker too!
Stickers on a Viewer


For those of you wanting to go all out, the ideas are endless!
A decorated viewer

*New! We do have stock viewers now that say "Happy Birthday" and "I Love You"! Click here to check em out!