Hey Photographers!

We know that you love giving your clients customized reels as gifts or adding them to your product line to resell.

Have you ever thought about taking it up a notch?

Did you know that you can customize the viewer with your logo on orders of 26 or more?

You can!

But now you are thinking, "but I don't order 26, I only need 1 at a time", right?

Well, you can order the customized viewers in advance and then when it is time to order for your clients, simply order the reels by themselves.

Many photographers do this and have had a great response from it!

You can choose to add your logo or text, something to remind the client of you!

Here are some examples:

Red Viewer Impint - Photographer Example

Blue Viewer Imprint - Photographer Example

Black Viewer Imprint - Photographer Example

White Viewer Imprint - Photographer Example

Red Viewer Imprint - Photographer Example 2

You can choose your imprint to be any one of our stock options:

Viewer Imprint Colors

Ready to do this thing? Simply give us a shout at 503-632-2470, 1-855-733-5748, or send us an email.

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