As the fall season introduces some of the harsher weather elements to many of us, it is a good reminder that winter is not too far away. And this, of course, leads to the initial thoughts of holidays and the gift-giving season. For companies that provide their employees with corporate Christmas gifts, and customized corporate Christmas gifts for that matter, the time to start coming up with a plan of showing appreciation for your employees may just be very rapidly approaching, if not here and now already.

For employers who don’t want their corporate Christmas gifts to seem like a last minute afterthought, customization is a token gesture recognized during the holiday season. Employers can provide grateful employees with any number of customized corporate Christmas gifts that can be thoughtful and generous while not "breaking the bank" while doing so.

Corporate Christmas Gifts

What kind of gift would your employees appreciate?

Unless you have a rather "sporting" staff (and perhaps your company either sponsors or participates in golf outings during the year), and give corporate Christmas gifts like customized golf balls, tees, towels, and other small accessories, you might be stuck. Gifts that are always popular with employees include:

  • Gift Baskets: Items such as chocolates, nuts, cookies, crackers, and coffees/teas
  • Hand-bound Pocket Notebooks
  • Personalized Fountain Pen and Letter Opener
  • Travel Accessories: Passport Holder, Toiletry Bag, or Luggage Tags

Going back to the "old" for new corporate Christmas gift ideas

For the employers that may be looking to provide gifts that can be wonderfully customized, unique, and with a nice touch of nostalgia, might consider gifting a RetroViewer. This very popular photo viewer back in the 1960s and 1970s is making a most welcome comeback today. There is no doubt that even if someone didn't own a unit and photo reels in the past, they've at some point enjoyed viewing photos from someone that did own one. 


You remember it. A quick, easy and fun personal slideshow that was "all the rage" back in its day. Simply slide the reel into the top of the view finder and look into the viewer, like looking through binoculars. There you'll see a clear, vibrant photo of the first pic on the reel. Simply depress the lever on the side of the photoviewer, and the next image will appear.


Personalizing Your RetroViewer is 'reely' easy!

The process of making the photo reels personalized is quick and simple, and can all be done on our user-friendly website. 


  1. Give your reel a name
  2. Pick your seven images (either your own or from our website)
  3. Edit, crop, zoom your images
  4. Add Text: Some pictures speak for themselves. But if you want to add a bit of text to an image, fun options are available here to do so.
  5. Pick the center art for your Reel
  6. Preview, Approve and Order Your Reel!


(Curious as to how it’s done? Check out the video tutorial!)

Now, check it out all over again!

Add a touch of nostalgia, and excite your employees with a fun blast from the past with a RetroViewer during your next gift-giving occasion! Start building your reel today!