Custom Reels make memorable marketing material

If you saw a nostalgic viewer, could you pass up the opportunity to take a look?

Probably not.

Much more exciting than a promotional pen, a custom reel and viewer is the perfect boost to your marketing arsenal.

From our own trade show appearances, to feedback from our customers, we know that people are super thrilled to see a childhood toy show up in their adult world. Most people laugh, sport a smile, and are happy to look inside. Play your cards right, and with the right material, you've just hooked a potential client!

And don't just take our word for it. We received this email from the company, Sneeze It:

"We're happy to share that we're using our custom reels to gain prospects for David Steel -- our CEO (of Sneeze It) and a well-known public speaker in the social media realm. We've been sending out the reels to potential associations and chapters who are interested in hiring David to speak and WOW -- they've been a great success. If anything, we get phone calls instantaneously saying that they love the creativity -- that in itself opens up windows of opportunities for sales for us. Thank you for being a step in our business's success!!"

We also received this email from the Utah Valley Convention & Visitor Bureau:

"A few years ago, our sales team was brainstorming for ways that we could get clients to really look at images of our product. Most people don’t take the time to look at an email, or brochure or even look book. We figured if we found a creative, nostalgic way to present the images, they might just look at them and maybe even keep them! After a few Google searches, I came across the Image3D website, and we were sold. We have taken the view masters and reels to trade shows and given them as gifts--and our clients reactions are always the same. “I remember these!” or “This is so cool!” followed by giggling and “Can I keep this?” Of course you can keep this. We were hoping you’d say that."

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