Creative teachers find ways to share information in ways that are engaging and interesting for students. In this fast paced world where technology is quickly grabbing attention in and out of the classroom, revisiting nostalgic ways of teaching is one way to keep kids engaged. Do you remember holding your red reel viewer into the sky, capturing enough light to see unique objects and places around the world? We do too, and we think it’s a great way to capture the imagination of students today.

Image3D’s RetroViewer is a customizable toy turned educational tool that classrooms can use to show their students a new experience. Teachers in many different fields including biology, anatomy, history, government, literature, math and others are finding the RetroViewer to be a memorable way for students to learn.

It’s easy to start using a RetroViewer in the classroom. Start by creating an account with us, and begin gathering 7 digital photos that you’d like to use in your customized reel. Once you begin, you will be able to crop and add text to your photos, creating the perfect viewing experience for your students.

To get started, we have created a list of things and places that might interest your students

National Parks,
7 Wonders of the World,
US Capital & Monuments,
Famous Events,
Historical Places in Your State,
Famous Photographs,
Famous & Historical People,
Biology Elements,
Anatomy of Human Muscles & Bones,