Creating Your Year in

Building a reel provides an excellent way to preserve your memories in a fun, easily accessible way. These make uniquely personal ways to commemorate special occasions -- if a loved one is getting married, for instance, gifting them with a reel depicting the highlights of their wedding day will be a more cherished gesture than presenting them with the finest china or silver items. Here's several more suggestions for occasions where creating commemorative reels will help keep good memories alive and close to the heart. Creating a year-in the-life reel is a great way to capture the cliff notes

Baby's First Year Photo Ideas

Infants grow so quickly during their first year that busy parents often miss the changes, so save them for posterity by making a reel chronicling the baby's first year. Whether you do this for your own child or the offspring of a relative or friend, you'll be making something priceless. There's no need to stop once the baby reaches his or her first birthday, however -- simply keep creating reels for each subsequent year.

A Year in Birthday Parties & Celebrations

Instead of focusing on just one person, focus on the occasion instead. Creating a reel depicting a year of birthday parties among your family or crowd of friends.   Share the memories of a birthday party or other celebration of your friends and family during the last year. This is a great way to also celebrate a graduation, highlighting important times during your kid’s journey to college.

First Year in Your New Home Photo Ideas

Your first year in your new home is something you'll look back on fondly at some distant point in the future, so why not help bring it back to life by creating a reel that you can watch years from now? You'll be glad you did when the time comes. We’re sure that the moving in process yielded a few funny moments, and how about your first holiday season at your new home? These are memories that sometimes just pass-by but would be great to capture with a RetroViewer.

Don't be afraid to use your imagination to come up with unique ideas for making reels to preserve the highlights your life as well as those of your loved ones.