Holiday-Gift-Ideas-1.pngThis Christmas, send your friends on a scavenger hunt like never before! Check out this fun book called 104 Things To Photograph. When you give it to your friends, they will be sent on a scavenger hunt to find all kinds of different things to photograph around their town. The cool part is that as they go on this scavenger hunt they will have a spot to place their photographs in the book and have a really fun keepsake.   Screen-Shot-2017-11-07-at-10.15.17-AM.png

Feeling a little generous this year? We found something that will keep your photography friends wondering how you knew! A Leica Camera, it’s indestructible and will surely convey how much you love your photography friends or family! It’s premium, it has a vintage feel and it’s expensive. The 24 Megapixel full frame sensor takes up to 3 frames per second with a maximum of 24 frames. Oh yeah, and it costs about $6,600.


How about something a little bit more affordable…

It’s not everyday that an opportunity to share your memories in a new and innovative way comes along. Check out the RetroViewer – it’s a spin on an old toy that allows you to upload your own photos via their website and create a customized photo reel and nostalgic viewer. Thousands of people have created their own reel viewer and photo reels, sharing memories for many years. To get started, create an account and start creating your reel.

Christmas RetroViewer Reels