Class reunions can be a lot of things. They can definitely be a lot of fun, but there always seems to be a warm-up period of awkwardness at first. Everyone looking around, seeing whom they recognize and who might be recognizing them. Depending on how many years have passed since everyone was in the same place, there may be some ice to break before things loosen up a little.

Class Reunion Planning and Decorating

The people in charge of planning these events know that a good class reunion decorating idea is usually something that’s a little interactive and can draw people together. This is a situation in which our RetroViewer absolutely shines. Class reunion ideas that work best are the ones that get people talking and remembering the fun of their high school days and the friends they made then.

It’s simple and a lot of fun to go through the yearbooks and old photos of the reuniting class, gathering the best representations of what life was like then. All of these photos can then be used to create beautiful customized image reels that everyone will be dying to flip through.

Special Event Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for class reunion decorating ideas, try putting one or two of our RetroViewers on every table, at the bar, or as part of a special display. Mix the pictures up to keep people moving from viewer to viewer trying to see them all, or take a more organized approach that uses separate reels for specific sports teams, clubs or activities, or events like Prom or Homecoming.

RetroViewers and the custom reels you create for them also make fun and keepsake worthy class reunion gift ideas! Check out our reasonable pricing for bulk orders of our high quality, customized RetroViewers and image reels so that everyone can go home at the end of the night with their own little piece of memory lane.